Whether you’re the owner of a spa, an independent esthetician, or a thriving dermatologist, you know the importance of offering skin care services that deliver results and building loyalty among those you serve. For those seeking innovative new ways to help clients and patients rejuvenate problem skin, the STEMFACIAL® System is a complete game changer. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation system was developed by physician scientists, and offers stunning results that have already helped many others increase both revenues and return visits.

STEMFACIAL® is a three-component system that contains a unique formulation of stem cell cytokines and essential growth factors, which have been shown in clinical studies to help promote repair and healing of damaged skin cells. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding it to your offering of skin care services.

  • STEMFACIAL® concentration activates bio-signals that enhance the healing process

  • Includes CYTOPEN® microneedling tool, STEMFACIAL® Matrix and Growth Factor Serum

  • 33 Active compounds include stem cell cytokines, HA, retinol, peptides, vitamin complex

  • Follows a 3-month program and 30 days of at-home ADVANCED CYTOKINE DUO treatment

  • Results are immediately noticeable and continually enhanced in the following months

  • Improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles & lines, tightens pores, and enhances glo

Learn More About The Benefits of Offering STEMFACIAL® Treatments

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